Man Diving Into A Black Hole

As I am standing on the very edge of the cliff I froze. Thoughts running through my mind like a cheetah chasing its prey. Should I do this? I leap into the cold black water. Sand falls down from the cliff as I start my journey.
The deeper I go the colder it is. I disappear into the black. As I go down, I feel doubt. That I should go back but I keep going deeper. I relax as I move faster and faster. Water is flowing through my hair and I turn to see that their is no more light.
My white feet stand out in the pitch black water. I don’t move. With my arms behind me i move faster as I finally hit the bottom. I think to myself I made it to the bottom.

100 Word Challenge #41

When all of a sudden.... BANG!!
Gun shots were fired. Autumn Summers sprang out of her bed and onto the cold, wooden floor of their small country flat. Running over to the window a black figure lay on the green grass on the footpath of their house. Chills ran over Autumn's body as she sprinted to the door and bellowed to her mother and father.
John and Emma Summers leaped out of their beds and ran to Autumn in the hallway. “ What is it Autumn, it’s 3.00 o'clock in the morning” cried her mother. “ Mum there’s a dead body on the footpath”.


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